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Frequently Asked Questions For The Counseling Center At Roswell

The Counseling Center is your source for thorough substance use in Roswell. At our welcoming facility, you’ll discover the services you need to have to support your recovery. We’ll help you cope with everyday life without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Before you get here, be sure to review our Roswell intensive outpatient FAQs. You’ll discover answers to a lot of your questions on this page. If you’re looking for more information about something in particular, contact us at 470-444-4280 day or night for assistance.

There isn’t a standard response for this since every patient has unique recovery goals and progresses through our drug or alcohol therapy with a personalized schedule. Some people attend treatment for eight weeks while others remain in our care for three years or longer. And, naturally, you are encouraged to return whenever you need to.

No, our IOP program doesn’t involve detox or inpatient rehab treatment. If you aren’t sure if you require one of these options in advance of seeking outpatient treatment at The Counseling Center, you are encouraged to call 470-444-4280. One of our representatives will answer you promptly and consult with you on how to find the care you require at an inpatient facility.

Inpatient and outpatient treatments are distinct levels of care. In inpatient treatment, you stay in a residential facility with access to staff on a 24-hour basis. Inpatient care offers you a safe location to get away from triggers and trauma and obtain persistent aid as you detox or recover from drugs or alcohol or are in jeopardy of a relapse when in rehab.

Outpatient treatment is suitable once you have moved forward to a level in your recovery where you don’t need continual monitoring or medical support. Outpatient facilities help you stay sober with peer support sessions and therapy while allowing you to balance your everyday obligations. You can receive treatment various days a week but return home after therapy as you continue to work to enduring sobriety.

The Counseling Center Roswell is a secular entity. Although we feel that your personal religious and spiritual beliefs may play a role in substance use recovery, our care isn’t guided by any religious doctrine.

We feel the 12-step method is helpful for numerous patients. Our facility utilizes some principles of 12-step programs, such as stressing the importance of group therapy in our treatment. We also have 12-step meetings at our location, and most of the patients we treat engage in these. However, our driving force is always to offer individualized treatment for your unique requirements.

The first move in finding drug and alcohol therapy in Roswell is to call us at 470-444-4280 to schedule a time for an assessment. This assessment will allow us to understand your medical history and where you stand in your drug or alcohol use recovery. With these important details, we may create an individualized care plan and arrange the therapy sessions that will be most beneficial to you.

Your assessment consists of:


  • Interviews 
  • Questionnaires 
  • Examination of your medical history 
  • Psycho-social examination 
  • Urine and/or breath testing


All this information and your truthful responses will help us create the right treatment strategy for you.

Still looking for information about The Counseling Center Roswell? Are you interested in starting substance use therapy? We are ready to advise you. Dial 470-444-4280 or submit the form below and receive a swift answer from a member of our team. Find help now.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is intended for patients who need ongoing support for addiction recovery. Dissimilar to residential programs, you get to go home following therapy at our outpatient location. Our program allows you to fulfill your daily obligations while still obtaining care for mental disorders and alcohol or drug use.

The abundance of individuals who begin IOP in our facility have finished detox and inpatient rehab. At this point, they are ready to delve into issues more thoroughly by way of therapy to heal the mental element of drug and alcohol use. The Counseling Center Roswell conducts different kinds of intensive outpatient care based on your stage of recovery. Following a medical assessment, we design an individualized treatment plan adapted to your unique situation. At this point, you’ll get started with various therapy appointments weekly guided by our experienced counselors. During therapy, you’ll discover how to live without alcohol or drugs and how to handle any health issues that led to substance use in the first place.

Due to the fact that we customize our treatments to each individual we care for, The Counseling Center At Roswell employs various therapy methods to fit each person’s specialized demands. Despite this fact, nearly everyone attends a blend of group, individual, and family therapy.

All therapy is directed by licensed specialists who are trained to help you. Throughout treatment, you will discuss topics like:

  • Post-acute withdrawal syndrome 
  • Skills to prevent relapse 
  • The role of 12-Step programs in recovery 
  • Coping methods for families throughout addiction recovery


We strongly endorse family involvement in therapy, and even offer family therapy sessions each week. Our expert family counselors can help you and your loved ones:


  • Improve your understanding of addiction 
  • Manage the difficulties of drug and alcohol recovery 
  • Enhance communication skills 
  • Work through concerns 
  • Identify co-dependency patterns 
  • Regain trust 
  • Find how to support one another


Your family may find it helpful to get started by participating in a family education meeting. These sessions are held each Wednesday evening and supply families helpful tips about how to support someone you care about in drug or alcohol recovery.

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Still looking for information about The Counseling Center At Roswell? Are you interested in starting substance use therapy? We are ready to advise you. Dial 470-444-4280 or submit the form below and receive a swift answer from a member of our team. Find help now.